McDonald’s Menu Hack McChicken $3.65 Big Mac $4.35 Quarter Pounder $5.4 Cheeseburger $2.45 Filet o Fish $3.6

I worked much of my youth at McDonald’s and knew that you could purchase patties seperately. Sometimes you feel like just buying a burger but the high price of a single burger puts you off. I bought 4 4-1 patties with ketchup today as the double beef and bacon and bacon was discontinued. I ate it with a fork and ketchup they put on it, not bad for a pound of meat.

I never did the math but always heavily suspected it’s cheaper to pay for the ingredients of a burger than a complete burger.

Yes they call it a 10 to 1 if you say these magic words they will believe you used to work for Macca’s and treat you better
10-1 1/10 pound on Cheeseburger, Big Mac etc
4-1 Quarter Pounder Patty
3-1 1/3 pound Angus Beef Patty

Price Breakdown Cheeseburger
10 to 1 Patty $1.2
Ketchup Free
Mustard $0.5(You can live without it but for the sake of like for like comparison I’ve added it)
Dehydrated onion (Free)
Pickles (Free)
Your mileage will vary it’s free to add to a seperate complete burger it’s usually free. If they want to charge for it for it you can go without it or pay whatever they ask
You can also buy a complete cheeseburger and go ahead add 10x of onions and pickles to it for free and redistribute it
Buns ($0.75)
Total Price $2.45 RRP($3.95)

Quarter pounder
4 to 1 Patty $2.25
Sesame seed Buns $0.75
Ketchup Free
Slivered onions $0.5(Sub for dehydrated onions for Free if you want)
Pickles Free
Mustard $0.5
Cheese x 2 $0.7×2

Total Price $5.4 RRP($6.7)

Chicken patty fried $2
Sesame bun $0.75
Lettuce $0.5
Mayo $0.5
Total Price $3.65 RRP($6.5)

Big Mac
2×10 to 1 Patties $2.4
Cheese $0.7
Sesame bun $0.75
Dehydrated onion Free
Pickles Free
Big Mac Sauce $0.5
Total Price $4.35 RRP($6.75)

Filet of fish:
Filet o Fish Patty $1.60
Burger Bun $1
Tartare Sauce $0.5
Cheese $0.7(Includes half slice so you get more)
$3.6(RRP $5.8)

With these prices you can construct pretty much any burger in the restaurant for 30%-50% cheaper with some exceptions being Hamburger 🍔, Chicken 🐔 and Cheese 🧀 and low priced burgers.

If this deal does well I might publish the price hacks for Grilled Chicken and Angus burgers. I have included the link to the nutrition menu so you know what ingredients to ask for. Angus Patty is called 3 to 1(Around $3) and Grilled Chicken Breast(Around $3).

This is a long running hack deal until Macca’s decides to patch it.

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