Samsung 970 EVO M.2 PCIe Gen 3 SSD 1TB $155, 2TB $285,870 QVO SATA SSD 4TB $419 8TB $829 Delivered @ BPC Technology

Good evening guys,

We are here to bring you an SSD deal to celebrate the Melbourne Cup tmr.

Check it out:
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD $155 + Free Shipping…

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD $285 + Free Shipping…

Delivery update: All your 970 EVO SSD orders will be dispatched today.

And we add two more SATA SSDs to the deal:

Samsung 870 QVO 4TB SATA III 2.5 Inch SSD $419 + Delivery…

Samsung 870 QVO 8TB 2.5″ SATA III SSD $829 + Delivery…

All of them are eligible for FarCry 6 redemptions.

Hope you guys like it.

Btw, we noticed several feedback regarding previous gaming PC orders. As we mentioned in the related posts, please don’t hesitate to contact our FB Team, and we have a dedicated customer service person to help you 24/7.

Wish you have a lovely public holiday.

BPC Team

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