Pay Only $1 in Selling Fees on The Next 5 Items You List & Sell @ eBay

Hi guys, another month and another 5 Free listings with $1 final value fee!

EDIT: Looks like it starts from the 03/11/2021 12AM

I wasn’t sent this, but clicking on the previous deal allowed me to get another 5 free listings.

Here is the RSVP link if it doesn’t work.

What is the Promotion?
Pay a maximum of $1 in Final Value Fees for FIVE items you list and make available for purchase in a single category during the Promotion Period (see exclusions below).
Final Value Fees are the selling fees charged on sale of an item, calculated as a percentage of your total sale price.

The promotion does not apply to fees for optional features or upgrades or any other fees that may be applicable. Learn more about eBay fees. The promotional offer is available until the date specified in the confirmation notification you receive when you register for the offer by clicking ‘Take Up Offer/Get Offer’ (“Confirmation Notification”) either via:

The “Promotional Offers” tab in the Selling section of your My eBay account (“Option 1”); or
An email from eBay inviting you to participate in the offer (“Option 2”); or
Clicking on the eBay onsite marketing banner advertising the offer (“Option 3”).

Once you have accepted the offer, the promotion will be automatically assigned to your account and will be visible within My eBay .
eBay reserves the right to cancel or change the offer at any time.

Items must be listed and available for purchase within the Promotion Period in order to qualify for the promotion.

** Some tricks I have found **

  • Make sure you list between the time period
  • You can only list 1 item of the same item at a time (can’t use multi quantity listings)
  • Must accept deal first before listing
  • Do not re-list previous listings – create either a new listing or choose sell similar

Enable registration in settings - general