Free Brokerage on ETFs until 2022 @ SelfWealth (Was $9.50)

For new or existing customers.

Details taken from the site.

  • We’re offering this for ‘buys’ only; we’re trying to get more people into the long-term game of ETF returns so you won’t be able to sell ETFs for free.
  • We’re defining a ‘buy’ as buying units in an ETF with cash from your SelfWealth AUD cash account
  • The order must be filled before the end of the promotion period (the Aussie market chiming shut on January 7), and any orders filled after this date will incur brokerage.
  • This last point won’t matter to 99.999% of you, but just for any high-rollers out there getting excited: SelfWealth is reserving the right to limit the number of free brokerage trades on ETF buys on our trading platform or by any member or portfolio during this promotion if we deem the number of trades to be excessive.

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