[Android] Crystalline $0 (Was $14.99) on Google Play

[Android] Crystalline $0 (Was $14.99) on Google Play

Your Story
A choice heavy visual novel set in an expansive fantasy world. With hundreds of decisions leading to branching paths, a uniquely personalized story will unfold.

Full Relationship-Sim
Your decisions and behavior organically shape your relationships and what party members feel about you over time. A romantic bond may even be forged with one particular character!

Complete Voice Over
Crystalline features a full English voice cast for not only your main party, but also all side and extra characters.

Fully Animated Sprites
Crystalline features Live2D® technology to bring characters to life! Experience unrivaled immersion with facial expressions and body language all animated seamlessly.

One Price
Absolutely no in-app purchase of any kind (micro-transactions, paywalls, time-gating, energy limits, choice restrictions, episodic purchasing, subscriptions…etc). Upfront and honest pricing for the full game and all its content!

Yet to try this myself but from what I’ve read it’s good, especially on Steam with a score of 95% from about 1000 reviews. The developer’s other apps are also free at the time of writing and can be found here

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