Crunchyroll Premium – Fan ($1.38/month) MegaFan ($1.75/month), and Annual Mega Fan ($17.61/yearly) – Argentina VPN

For fans of Anime!

Not much to say, it’s pretty straightforward. Firstly you need to get a hold of a VPN and connect to the Argentinian servers. Click on and it should show these prices in AR$. Add a payment method (I’ve noticed Paypal doesn’t really work, but adding a credit/debit card works), and purchase the membership at the AR$ prices. The VPN is only required for signing up, not for viewing. When entering your card details, select Australia, not Argentina, and enter details as usual.

If you get Unauthorised Request error, try adding your card details in your profile settings first then clicking in link above.

I have noticed that if you have a membership already, say a Fan membership, it won’t upgrade. I had to create a new account and this time round selected the Mega Fan Annual and it worked using my debit card.

Original prices are:

Fan $7.99
Mega Fan $9.99 (Same as Fan with the ability to stream on 4 simultaneous devices instead of just one, and ability to download for offline viewing on mobile apps)
Annual Mega Fan $99.99

Thanks to u/GoonSack69 posting this in the comments a while back, and thought it deserved its own deal.

As above, if you’re going to sign up, I’d recommend the yearly, as upgrading the account seems to be problematic unless you create a new account. If you’ve had premium before, you may get a payment error. Create a new account to solve the error.

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