[PC, Origin] Free – Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth DLC (Was $19.99); Battlefield 1: Apocalype DLC (Was $24.99) @ Origin

[PC, Origin] Free - Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth DLC (Was $19.99); Battlefield 1: Apocalype DLC (Was $24.99) @ Origin

Free for a limited time.

Both have been free in the past: BF4 / BF1

B4 Dragon’s Teeth

Take infantry warfare to the next level.

The theater of war broadens with Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth. This expansion primarily focuses on infantry-based combat in urban settings, bringing with it four more maps, one additional multiplayer mode, and a variety of weapons, gadgets, and assignments.

B1 Apocalypse

Claw your way across the ravaged landscape of Passchendaele, filled with blood and mud, and huddle behind buried dugouts and tattered ruins. Charge across the wheat fields of the River Somme as the battlefield transforms into hell on earth from the devastating artillery barrage. Fight in mountain trenches near the Isonzo River as the Austro-Hungarians face off with the Italian army over bitterly contested ground in Caporetto.

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