[VIC] Free Home Electricity Usage Monitoring Device (IHD) Installed from Time to Save

[VIC] Free Home Electricity Usage Monitoring Device (IHD) Installed from Time to Save

IHDs (In-Home Display Energy Use Monitors) provide a visual representation of how much energy a home is using and/or how much it costs at any given time. As most of us rarely go near our electricity meters, we normally do not track (real time or past consumption) our home electricity usage.

However, even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to determine how much electricity you are using, how much it costs, and whether you are using more or less electricity than you were an hour ago, a week ago, or a year ago. In a TOU tariff, it can be hard to remember when one price period ends and the next begins.

What an In-home display smart meter energy monitor can do?

IHDs can bring all your electricity usage information inside your home or onto your computer and smartphone in an easy-to-understand format. In their simplest forms, IHDs simply indicate (in color bands or symbols) whether you are in a high, medium or low pricing tariff to help you decide whether to run appliances that consume a lot of electricity, such as vacuum cleaners.

Emerald Electricity Advisor connects directly to your in-home smart electricity meter, and sends data directly to your phone or chosen device, tracking and reporting on your real-time electricity usage.

Emerald EMS is a connected home device that automatically alerts homeowners when electricity is wasted, highlights time-of-use rates, and informs when appliances need attention. It reads electricity kWh usage from the meter impulse rate. A homeowner receives usage data on Emerald EMS smartphone App. Connection between Electricity Advisor and emerald EMS is via long-range Bluetooth.

Emerald EMS accurately monitors and tracks home electricity usage. Allows customers to budget electricity spend and identify energy wastage. Goal is to reduce electricity bills, save money. All data is encrypted and strictly secured.

How to claim your free In-home display (IHD)?

We will connect you to an accredited provider (accredited under the VEU scheme) to install an In-home energy monitor display (worth $59.99) to your smart meter. Rest assured, there will be no charge for the product or the installation — it is completely FREE.

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