Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB $199, 256GB $299 with $69/Month Telstra 80GB 12M Plan (New & Port-in Customers) in-Store @ JB Hi-Fi

Went in to check for a friend and saw they had this, seems like a pretty good deal.

Grab a Samsung S21 5G 128GB Upfront for $199 when you sign up as a new or port in customer on Telstra’s $69 per month Plan over 12 months. Plan includes 60GB + 20GB bonus data and infinite talk and text. If 128GB isn’t enough, you can grab the 256GB variant for $100 more.

That’s $1050 off the original jb hifi ticket price of the phones, 128GB is $1247 at officeworks.

Plan over 12 months is $828
Samsung S21 5G 128GB is $199

Total is $1027

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