Buy One Get One Free Footlong Sub @ Subway App

Just saw this in emails and figured it was worth a post, seems they’ve updated their app (and maybe loyalty program too)

This week’s Big App-etite Deal is an absolute doozy. Get a FREE Subway Footlong® sub when you buy any other Subway Footlong® sub. Oh snap! That sounds delicious and thrifty. Just jump onto the all-new Subway® app to claim it.

Offer expires 19/09/21. Buy any Subway Footlong® sub and receive a free second Subway Footlong® sub of equal or lesser value. Additional costs for extras. Single use only. May not be combined with any other coupon offers, discounts or special deals. One offer per guest per transaction. Reward dollars not available for purchases made using third party delivery platforms

Free sub + 390ml coke for new members thanks to Bargainaholic

Few pointers

  • You have to select a store first before having access to offers
  • Recommend adding offer to cart before manually adding products
  • Have to select +1 on 390ml coke (not 600ml) as by default it adds 0 to cart
  • If that doesn’t work QR scan in store
  • I’d also suggest doing “one off payment” so your CC details aren’t saved in the app because it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence lol

Update: Email from new account

Don’t forget to keep claiming those Big App-etite Deals.
There’s a new one every week until 05/12/2021.

Seems to imply that the offers get loaded once a week so might be available to any existing user while new users miss out on that week’s deal.

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