Apple iPad Mini 6 2021 WiFi 64GB $669 | WiFi 256GB & WiFi+Cell 64GB $879 | WiFi+Cell 256GB $1,209 Delivered @ Apple Edu Store

Team, was browsing the edu store and noticed that the iPad mini is $80 off for the base model/$100 off 256GB etc etc.
Price on regular Apple Store/RRP in retailers is $749.

Pricing is for students, teachers etc

Perfect device for me and I’m sure many others – easy to use one handed because of size and weight but still very legible for comics/ books/video.

Don’t forget to combine with Woolies for ~15% back in Woolies gift cards ( and possibly Shopback/Cashrewards for 1.5% cashback (not sure if it’ll work with giftcard payments, but why not right)

Edit: usually new products aren’t discounted (much) at launch in the edu store, so this is a bit rare to my knowledge

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