30x Everyday Rewards Points with Apple Gift Card (Excluding $20 Denomination) @ Woolworths

Take two. Full credit to kelasen for the heads up this morning.

Deal taken from the upcoming weekly catalogue.

NOTE: this deal could be stacked with this deal. However, please note I have not attempted to purchase an Apple gift card with an EFTPOS gift card at Woolworths, so proceed with caution!

Terms and conditions

  • Offer available from 15/9/21 to 21/9/21 on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards (excluding $20 Apple Gift Cards) in Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo only, while stocks last.

  • Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths Metro.

  • Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer.

  • Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card from date of purchase.

  • Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions.

  • $30 = 900 rewards points
  • $50 = 1500 rewards points
  • $100 = 3000 rewards points
  • $200 = 6000 rewards points
  • Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

Additional Information

Everyday Rewards Dollars

  • 2000 Everyday Rewards points is equivalent to $10 Everyday Rewards Dollars (redeemable at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS across Australia or Caltex Woolworths / EG Australia in mainland Australia) or 1000 Qantas points.

  • Everyday Rewards points can only be converted to Everyday Rewards Dollars or Qantas points in multiples of 2000.

  • Everyday Rewards Dollars cannot be used for any gift card purchases at Woolworths unless your Everyday Rewards Dollars balance has already reached the $4500 limit.

Earning Everyday Rewards Points

  • Any purchase of any gift cards at Woolworths (or BIG W) will not earn any standard Everyday Rewards points.

  • Any purchase of any gift cards in this deal at Woolworths almost always do not count towards any other bonus Everyday Rewards points promotions (e.g. spend $x in one transaction to earn y points). However, a number of people reported in the previous Apple gift card deal that the purchase of Apple gift cards triggered targeted/personalised Everyday Rewards points promotions.

  • If you are purchasing this gift card at a self-service checkout, you should be able to see the number of Everyday Rewards points you will earn as part of this transaction in the top right-hand corner of the payment screen.

  • You will only earn bonus points on every whole dollar loaded onto a gift card. For example, if you specify $50.50 as the amount to be loaded onto the variable value gift card, you will only earn 500 bonus points, not 505 bonus points.

Paying for Gift Cards

  • Woolworths’ POS system allows split payments for gift card purchases at self-service checkouts and serviced checkouts.

  • Gift cards issued by Woolworths Group Ltd1 cannot be used as payment for any gift cards at Woolworths (or BIG W). Attempting to redeem them on gift card purchases will be blocked by the POS system and return an error.

  • Make sure to check the small activation receipt that the checkout prints after a gift card purchase. If it says successful at the bottom of the receipt, the gift card was correctly activated. If it does not say successful, alert the service desk of the failed activation and they will sort it out. This receipt will be printed out even if you have turned off paper receipts for your Everyday Rewards account.

Odds and Ends

  • Gift card purchases at Woolworths will earn 4c/L (or 6c/L in Tasmania) fuel vouchers.

  • Gift card purchases do not count towards the spend requirement for the current Woolworths Brick promotion.

Using Apple Gift Cards

  • You can redeem up to 8 gift cards (in conjunction with an Apple Account Balance and/or a credit/debit card) online or over the phone at Apple.

  • You can redeem up to 8 gift cards (in conjunction with a credit/debit card) in-person at an Apple Store.

  • You cannot redeem an Apple Account Balance in-person at an Apple Store.

  • You can load multiple Apple gift cards to an Apple Account Balance, but the maximum balance is $4999.

  • Apple gift cards have no expiry date.

  1. If you have a gift card where you can check the balance here, it was issued by Woolworths Group Limited. ↩

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