Free 90 Days Trial of Tidal Hifi Plus (New Accounts Only, Payment Method Required) @ Tidal

Free 90 Days Trial of Tidal Hifi Plus (New Accounts Only, Payment Method Required) @ Tidal

Cancel the reoccurring payments following the sign-up to prevent future subscription payments after the trial ends, alternatively pay 23.99/M for Standard or 35.99/M Family.

I’m unsure of how the family account works, so I’m going to signup using a new account, then investigate inviting my previous Tidal account into that family to share the benefits.

If I’m unable to get these benefits on my preferred Tidal account, I highly recommend using the service soundiiz.
It allows for easy migration of tracks and playlists from one streaming service to another. The paid version of soundiiz is not necessary, it just makes the process a bit quicker and more convenient when trying to move or sync playlists.
The free version to my memory doesn’t like to copy entire playlists, although you can get around that by selecting all the songs within the playlist and then migrating that into a new playlist on another platform, or activating the sync process(one active sync for free version), so delete the active sync after it does a copy.
This service doesn’t let you have two different Tidal accounts logged in simultaneously, so you’ll have to sign in with your original Tidal within your soundiiz account, transfer the playlists and liked songs to something like Spotify or Deezer, then sign out of Tidal on soundiiz and in again on the new 90-day one to be able to send/receive your Tidal catalogue to the new one.

I hope this additional information helped, I’ll update the second paragraph once I’ve had time to investigate.

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