Free University Short Course: Cryptography @ IT Masters

Did the Agile Information and Data Management Course when it was offered (free) here in June – found it to be good content and the course facilitator was great. Got a nice certificate after passing the exam.

And no it’s not about how to salvage your Bitcoin losses or buy the dip.

Prepare to join the wonderful Matt Constable on a journey through the fundamentals of cyber security, and how the development of cryptography over time is greatly intertwined. Try your hand at some of the primitive cryptographic techniques to solidify what you learn during the weekly live webinars.

Beginning Wednesday 22 September at 7.30PM (Sydney time), join us over 4 weeks to learn about:

Introduction to Security & Cryptography
Symmetric Encryption
Asymmetric Encryption
Hashing Functions

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the world of cyber security, or a seasoned professional wanting to refresh your cryptography skills, we’ve got something for everyone in this free short course.

Course Description:
Understanding cyber security is becoming increasingly important in our ever changing, permanently connected, digital lives. Our digital footprint is ever growing and the requirement to keep our digital identities safe and secure is becoming increasingly important as our reliance on online technologies grows.

Understanding how to leverage available technology to protect ourselves against the myriad of attacks on our privacy and digital identities is vital; and knowledge of cryptographic technologies is one of the foundation stones upon which we can build protection for our digital self.

Course Facilitator:
Matt Constable
Matt has been an Adjunct Lecturer at Charles Sturt University since 2007, teaching subjects in the IT Masters programs.

Exam pass mark: 50%
Time limit: 1 hour
Attempts allowed: one
Format: 40 multiple choice – may include standard multiple choice, WXYZ multiple choice, drag and drop, fill in the blank and scenario based questions.

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