Bonds Bloody Comfy Womens Period Underwear $4-$8 (RRP $19.99-$29.99) Delivered (Free Account Required) @ Bonds

Bonds have selected items from their period underwear range heavily discounted, bringing them down to $4-$8 (RRP $20-30). There are various designs and colours with sizing from 6 to 22, most sizes are still in stock. Period underwear can cost anything from $20-60/pair, but this sale brings it down to regular underwear prices.

Absorbency levels (Bonds defines 1 tampon as 5ml):

Ultra-light: up to 1 tampon
Light: up to 2 tampons
Moderate: up to 3 tampons
Heavy: up to 4 tampons

Choice article on period underwear and review on the Bonds range.

Warning: It appears that since 4pm, prices change on non-white items when you go to cart. Please check prices in cart before paying

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