5000 Free Simply Cheese Pizzas (Starts 5/9) @ Domino’s (Facebook Required)

5000 Free Simply Cheese Pizzas (Starts 5/9) @ Domino's (Facebook Required)

Another Domino’s giveaway coming up on the 5th of September for International Cheese Pizza Day.

  • The Promotion will run for a limited time only on 5 September 2021 and commences at the time disclosed by the Promoter on the Domino’s Australia Facebook Page and Domino’s Australia Instagram Page on 5 September 2021 (Promotional Period). The Promotional Period ends when all Prizes referred to in clause 9 have been claimed by Entrants in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Entries before or after the Promotional Period will not be included.

  • Participation in the Promotion is subject to the terms and conditions provided by Woobox (available at: https://woobox.com/terms), Facebook (available at: https://www.facebook.com/terms.php) and Instagram (available at: https://help.instagram.com/581066165581870?ref=dp).

  • The Promotion will involve a Woobox link being made available on the Domino’s Australia Instagram Story via the “swipe up” function (Promotional Link) during the Promotional Period. At the beginning of the Promotional Period, five thousand (5,000) Prizes will be available to be claimed by Entrants.

  • The Prize is one (1) voucher for 1x Large Simply Cheese pizza valued at $5.00 (Prize). There are five thousand (5,000) Prizes to be won. The total Prize pool is valued at AU$25,000.

  • The Prize expires on 12 September 2021.

As always, enjoy 🙂

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