Calm App Lifetime Plan TRY532 (~A$88, 84% off RRP A$550) – VPN (Turkey) Required

I’ve been a long time (2 year) user of calm, and my kids go to sleep with sleep stories every night. My last annual subscription just expired so went looking for value. Turns out a 60% black friday code from 2019 still works which was advertised on Calm’s official twitter here:

When combined with a turkish VPN (I used free windscribe) as suggested in previous VERY popular deal here it brings it down to the cheapest ever lifetime subscription. Instructions from last deal:

1) Connect to any VPN by selecting the country as “Turkey”
2) Once connected, visit the deal link
3) The payment amount will be shown as TRY 532 which equates to ~ A$88
4) Recommended paying with your card that supports low foreign exchange conversion charges.
5) Enjoy!

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