Free: St John Ambulance Click-to-Save Online First Aid Course with Certificate

It has been a while since this was posted so just a reminder for those who didn’t know it was available or to refresh your First Aid Certificate especially coming up to summer.

It is a very important skill to have and if this helps save just one life, then the course has done it’s job. This first aid course will provide you with an essential reference to help to identify the first aid appropriate in an emergency.

Quick and easy to do. Just register, do the course and exam. You can even print out your certificate if that tickles your fancy!

Please note that this isn’t a replacement for the accredited course you need for certain occupations, but is a tool to help everyone being able to possibly save a life in the case of emergency. In the event of an emergency, always make sure someone calls ‘000’ as well.

Thanks to tightarse for the Original Post

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