[iOS] EXIF Tool – Metadata Tool $0 (Was $4.49) @ Apple App Store

[iOS] EXIF Tool - Metadata Tool $0 (Was $4.49) @ Apple App Store

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Has a list view mode (top center button) which enables to view all your photos and videos in one place along with their file size and resolution.

This can batch select (multiple selections at once) photos and videos to view their metadata (location info, camera model, date & time taken, etc.) and then remove that info or edit it as you like.

Supports drag and drop on iPad, import photos and videos from files app, supports multiple formats (Live Photo included) and has a share sheet extension (although using the app itself is more practical but the functionality is there if you need it).

It’s metadata editing function is quite useful for removing certain sensitive info (like location where a photo was taken) before uploading said photos/videos to social media to avoid stalkers and protecting your privacy.

It can also export raw metadata (as text) in case if you need that.

Description from the app:

Easily view file size for all of your photos and videos in one place, change location data (GPS info for where a photo was taken), date & time when a photo or video was taken, etc.

You can view and modify EXIF and meta data directly not only from Photos app but also from any 3rd party app. For those who want more efficient browsing, it also supports powerful photo browser.

It supports all the image formats including heic, jpg, png and gif. It also supports video.

For those who’re worried about the privacy, [Exif Browser] enables you to strip EXIF and meta data from your photo. You can choose whether to remove all meta data or just GPS/Location data.

You can also edit each of the meta data items if you want.

• Supports photos extension – View exif data from Photos app and 3rd party apps.
• Also supports powerful photo browsing and viewing.
• Display basic info: file name, file size, dimension, orientation, duration, …
• Display detailed EXIF info: date time, aperture, brightness, fNumber, shutter speed, focal lenght, ISO speed, exposure, flash, lens, camera, software, …
• Display GPS / location info: altitude, latitue, longitude, human-readable address, map, …
• Display GIF info: delay time, loop count, …
• Supports all formats including heic, jpg, png, gif, live photo and video.
• Edit each of meta data items.
• Share photo with all meta data removed.
• Share photo with GPS / location removed.
• Show raw data.

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