[Android] $0 Kids Puzzle Game – Animals Game @ Google Play

[Android] $0 Kids Puzzle Game - Animals Game @ Google Play

Enjoy 🙂

Are you ready to join our funny animals on an amazing educational adventure in the SeaWorld, Farm, Savannah & Jungle? We did some simple math, and created a game-a-licious theory “Super cute animals + Puzzles + Animal sounds + Animal pictures + Animal videos + Fun facts = The BEST educational game for preschool children. Watch as your baby toddler learns first words and alphabets and the big brother or sister practice their speech and pronunciation. Motor skills development and matching different jigsaw shapes of funny zoo animals has never been so fun, because now we have a reward after each finished puzzle, beside the regular balloon pop, your kids get to hear the animal name, the sound that it makes, read fun facts and watch real life pictures or videos. This NO ADS game is super-easy and super-educational, making it appropriate for kids of all ages as well as children with autism.

Gameplay & Features:
– 100+ hand-drawn animals from 4 fun themes to play with: Aquatic, Farm, Savannah and Jungle.
– educational games like memory game and other learning games added.
– theme specific ambient music and cute sounds in the entire game to make it more interesting for your young ones.
– tons of animations and maximized interaction with all objects & puzzles for lots of giggles and laughs.
– applause, cheer and balloons on successfully completing each animal puzzle.
– animals come to life and play the animal name and audio sounds.
– select the image icon to see real animal pictures, the video icon to see the animal in motion and read the unique facts of each animal which are presented with the images.

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