Free Soil Testing (Postage Payment Required) @ Macquarie University

Given some of us may have started veggie patches in our backyards to pass some time during COVID, it’s good to have the peace of mind that the soil we’re growing it on is healthy soil and low on lead and other toxins.

Send your soil samples in (pay the cost of postage), and have your soil tested for free. Results will be sent to your email within 3-5 weeks.

From the website description:

The VegeSafe program began in September of 2013 at Macquarie University’s Open Day event, where we offered free soil metal testing to attendees. Since then, we have analysed over 15,000 soil samples from 3,200 Australian homes.

In order to keep the program running and accessible to all, the VegeSafe program needs your support. We ask that you consider making a small donation to cover the costs of the soil analysis, time involved, and laboratory consumables. Donations of $20 (or more!) can cover the cost for up to five samples submitted for testing. To donate, click here: Support VegeSafe…

If you have a vegetable patch or are concerned about metal contamination in your backyard, we encourage you to participate. Follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Complete the necessary VegeSafe
Consent Form…

Step 2: Collect your soil samples by following our Soil Sampling Instructions…

You can also watch our brief sample collection video here:

Step 3: Together with the completed Consent form, send in your soil samples to:

Professor Mark Taylor
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Macquarie University
NSW 2109 Australia

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