eBay Plus Monthly Subscription – $4.99 Per Month @ eBay

eBay has launched a $4.99 monthly option for their Plus membership. The option is available from the eBay Plus page. I can see it on my account.

This may be beneficial for those who want to sign up for certain eBay Plus exclusive sales, and don’t wish to pay an annual fee.

5.1. The eBay Plus membership fee is AU $49 per year or AU$4.99 per month.

6.1. Your eBay Plus membership is valid for 1 year or 1 month as applicable from the date of signing up (“membership term” or “term”).

Some more info:

  • It is NOT possible for customers to switch plans (e.g. annual to monthly)

  • The 14-day cooling off period does NOT apply to monthly membership renewals

Full T&C

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