$0.99 Shipping with no Minimum Spend @ MSY

Just noticed MSY has $0.99 shipping if buying online at their beta website beta.msy.com.au – They haven’t promoted it well nor can I find any terms and conditions, but I bought a $10 item shipped to metropolitan Sydney and shipping was confirmed 99c. The only info/graphic I can find about it is this pic which you find on their main website.

I don’t know when ending date is, given I can’t find any terms and conditions.

Addit – I tried cart->checkout on their “old” website, and it’s normal shipping cost, so it must go through their “new” beta site for discounted shipping. If any sleuths out there can actually find my terms and conditions/ending date that would be handy.

Addit 2There seems to be a lot of talk on MSY itself, FYI they changed owners in the last 2 years, see here. Comment incorrect.

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