Free Hot Meal for Those In Need / Doing it Tough (via Nomination) @ Domino’s

Great gesture, and will hopefully be used for its intended purpose rather than be abused. Please stay safe, and enjoy 🙂

We know that pizza can’t solve all of the world’s problems, but it can bring a small slice of joy to a bad day, and in these times of extreme stress and uncertainty that’s never been more important.

At Domino’s, we are committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate. That’s why our community-based ‘Feed the Knead’ program is now available in every state and territory across Australia.

This program aims to provide localised support by giving those doing it tough one less thing to worry about – a safe, hot meal. If you know an individual, business or charity in ‘knead’, simply fill out the nomination form and we’ll do what we can to help.

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