Alienware R11 Desktop i7-10700KF CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB+2TB, RTX 3080, AW2720HF + AW Mouse/Headset/Keyboard $3,761.11 Del @ Dell

Before you balk at the price – Godzbargainers hear me out!

I’ve done a rough parts calculation based on low-tier components and this is actually a cracking deal for those too lazy to build and want an easy purchase to game asap. This R11 comes with an awesome monitor, and some decent peripherals, albeit very gamer orientated.

i7-10700KF – $450
RTX 3080 – $2000
512GB+2TB – $200
RAM – $100 (Looks to be Kingston Hyper X)
PSU – $200 (From my research, I believe it’s a 1000W Gold Efficiency PSU by Delta who make some decent PSUs normally aimed at servers)
AW2720HF – $550 (… – it’s actually not on sale right now, normal RRP is $900 but you can wait every few weeks to pick it up under $600 so I have used this price)
Mouse – $77.50 ( – currently on Sale)
Headset – $105.50 ( – currently on sale)
Keyboard – $194.50 ( – currently on sale)

Total – $3900 approximately in parts, not including the CPU cooler (watercooled), the motherboard or the case. It also doesn’t include the heartache of stuffing up your build because you don’t know what you are doing, or hours of troubleshooting because you plugged your HDMI cable into the motherboard when you had a KF chip (true story when I helped a mate build his PC remotely last year). Plus the Dell warranty from my experience is usually pretty good, especially on their monitors.

The only downsides to this are the RAM which some would say isn’t enough. I run the same in my rig at home and haven’t had problems with AAA games. In any case, Dell’s RAM upgrade offerings are a joke to say the least. Buy this system and spend $109 on another set of Kingston Hyper X RAM and you’re set for 4x8GB configuration. The other good thing about the R11 Desktop is pretty much all components are individually upgradable for the future.

Don’t forget to shop with CR/SB and save a further 6% coming down to $3558.01 with code LOVEKEANU or if you don’t use CR/SB you can still shop using the Qantas Rewards Dell store and pick up 1 QFF point per dollar in spend but the cost will be $3761.11.

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