Bonus 2000 Everyday Rewards Points (Worth $10) with $100 “Swap” Gift Card (Can Swap for $100 eBay Gift Card) @ BIG W in-Store

Lo and behold, this is the deal that everyone is waiting for to stack with the eBay Afterpay sales that are flooding ozbargain atm 😀

BIG W is having a Easter promotion: 10% back in Everyday Rewards Points on select gift card purchases. This is much better than the pathetic 1.5% gift card discount from CashRewards via Choice GC. These gift card will probably be sold out soon after this post with the eBay sale is still going so you will probably have to be quick. They are available for purchase in store only.

The best card to buy is the $100 Swap Celebration Gift Card. Each card purchase will earn 2000 bonus Everyday Rewards Points worth $10. You can then exchange it for a $100 eBay Gift Card for use in the eBay Afterpay sale.

You can also buy the $50 Swap Celebration Gift Card which will earn 1000 bonus points worth $5.

The $100 Perfect EFTPOS Gift Card will also earn 2000 bonus points but there is a ridiculous $6.95 purchase fee. This card is useful if the store does not accept payment by credit card, such as Bill Pay @ Australia Post.

BIG W also has Ultimate Student, Eats, Active gift cards included in this promotion.


  • There is a limit of 10 gift card purchases per Everyday Rewards Member. If you want more than 10 gift cards, then you will need to have another Everyday Rewards membership.

  • You can combine with the current Coles Mastercard gift card sale for further saving. See

  • You cannot buy gift cards with Woolworths brand gift cards (Woolworths, Wish, BIG W gift cards), but you can use Coles Mastercard gift cards.

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