[eBay Plus] $30 Voucher for Subscribing to eBay Plus @ eBay

[eBay Plus] $30 Voucher for Subscribing to eBay Plus @ eBay

When I went to buy an item, under the item it said: “Pay only AU $0.00 [ Show me how ]”. I obviously clicked it and it gave me a $30 voucher in return for a free trial of eBay Plus. Being smart, I immediately created another account to try and get more free things but saw that the voucher was nowhere to be found.

My theories are that it’s either because:
– I’ve made purchases before (if this is the case, how much do you need to spend before this voucher appears?)
– I’ve had my account for several months (if this is the case, how long do you need to have an account for before this voucher appears?).
– A combination of both.

On the Summary on My eBay page, it shows the voucher, but obviously, I’ve used it. https://paste.pics/BVUXJ

I don’t know whether this is the right place to post this but I’m genuinely wondering why they randomly gave me a voucher. Keen to figure this out for another free $30.

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