[Hack] KFC 21 Pieces of Chicken $21, 30 Nuggets $10, Regular Chips $1, 3 Nugget Go Bucket $2.50 (KFC App Required)

Inspired by recent posts, I went looking into what makes these app deep links tick.
I found out.

Here are some goodies:

21 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken $21 Expired
9 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken $9.95 Expired
30 Nuggets $10 Expired
3 Nuggets Go Bucket $2.50 Expired
Ultimate Box $10 Expired
10 Original Recipe Tenders $10
Original Recipe Twister $5
1 Original Recipe Tender Go Bucket $2.50
Regular Chips $1
2 for 1 Zinger Burgers $5.95 credit to Rrocky Dear mod: still working at some stores, not only for me
Fill Up Box $4.95 credit to Rrocky

Links tested to work on both iOS and Android.
These links shouldn’t expire when they pull a promotion (unless they remove it from the menu).


If the links open in your browser (not the app) and you just get a 404 Not Found error,

Long press the link and tap ‘Open in “KFC”‘. If this option isn’t present, see if there’s an app update available in the App Store.
Or try this solution from tinysoldier

click the Red KFC icon in the url box to get redirected to the KFC app
For color os / oppo users… heres how to adjust your app settings in order to use the links to take you directly to the app.

Nerdy write-up:

The Android-only links that have been posted before were Google AdWords links that look like this


that redirect to something like this


which is a shame because the intent:// URL scheme isn’t recognised by iOS.

On iOS, KFC uses branch to manage promotional app deep links, with links distributed that look like this


that on mobile, if the app is installed, will redirect to something like this


These links also work on Android.

The easiest way to pull the menu from KFC’s servers is to MITM the app. It’s found at


You can generate your own deep links by using the item’s five digit MenuItemId from the raw menu I’ve dumped here.
I dumped this just now and eyeballing it there’s some new menu items that I haven’t seen before (originally started working on this last week) including a whole FOMO WOW menu.

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