15% Off / 17% Off for eBay Plus Members (No Min Spend, Max $1000 Discount) @ The Good Guys eBay (E.G Nvidia Shield Pro $289)

Greetings everyone, seems like a good sale at TGG 🙂

  • Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEDT on 5 March 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

  • The offer entitles:
    Non-eBay Plus members to 15% off; and
    eBay Plus members to an extra 2% off (total 17% off),

  • the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold at The Good Guys Australia (“Seller”) store, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 $289.67 for eBay Plus Members.

Hisense 65Q8 4K TV $1489.85 for eBay Plus.

Google TV with Chromecast $82.17 for eBay Plus Members.

Stack with 5% off Choice Gift Cards which include eBay via Cashrewards.

As always, enjoy!

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