Free – Zenva Academy eLearning course: Python Foundations – Fanatical

Free - Zenva Academy eLearning course: Python Foundations - Fanatical

A nice little freebie for those of you who would like to know and learn a bit about Python Programming.

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From the website:

Start your journey into programming with Python – a popular, in-demand language for data science, computer vision, and machine learning.

Python is a high-level, general-purpose language with an emphasis on readability and extensibility. Due to its flexible nature, it is used across several sectors of the development industry, from bulk mathematical calculations, to web and mobile backends, and even for running various scripts and apps for desktops. Its versatility provides developers with a robust skill-set that can be adapted to numerous projects, making it a highly desirable language to pursue regardless of where you wind up.

Whether your goals are to create simple applications to swap faces, automate meticulous tasks, or develop advanced algorithms to visualize and manage data, this course will provide you with the foundations needed to get started with the language so you can start building your own projects.

You will learn how to:

● Set up a Python project

● Utilize variables and operators

● Manage data with lists, tuples, ranges, and dictionaries

● Control program flow with conditionals and loops

● Use functions for program execution


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