$5 Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee ($5 Minimum Investment within 14 Days of Sign up Required) @ Spaceship Voyager

Previous $10 deal has expired so posting this new deal. Obviously not as good as getting $10 but you’re likely to earn an additional $5 from the increase in the value of your portfolio anyway as opposed to waiting for the next $10 deal, provided that you’ve deposited enough.

Note that referral codes need to be added to your account after you sign up (within 14 days of sign up). Use the referral randomiser to get a code. You must invest a minimum of $5 to receive the $5 referral.

Edit – seems like spaceship is still giving out $10 referrals despite T&C showing $5. Suspect that’ll change soon so get in quick

No fees on the first $5,000 invested, and 0.1% on balances above $5,000. I’d recommend the universe portfolio, see historical returns. Thanks @pretz

This is genuinely one of the best investment apps out there so I’d encourage you to stay invested instead of immediately withdrawing the money. The returns have been rock solid. Though note that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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