Free Microsoft Ignite Veeam T-Shirt Delivered (Company Email Required) @ Veeam

Microsoft Ignite March 2021 Giveaway by Veeam

One free Evergreen Global Veeam Bella Canvas T-Shirt delivered — but no chance to win an Xbox (entry is limited to US). (Thanks to ramboando for the image.)

At time of posting plenty of sizes left. they say delivery is between 6-8 weeks though.

How to claim:

  1. Go to Deal
  2. Enter your detail
  3. Check e-mail and follow the link to create a Veeam account
  4. You should receive a Veeam confirmation e-mail
  5. About 10 minutes later you should receive a third e-mail with a personalised T-shirt redemption link

Edit: The deal is becoming popular as more “business e-mail addresses” are created. Up to 3 hours wait has been reported before the third e-mail (subject Your FREE Microsoft Ignite t-shirt!) was received.

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