Free: Send 10MB of Data to The Moon (Limit 100,000 People) @ Reddit

I have no idea what category to put this under, so I’m going with travel as I know it. Apologies to mods if wrong.

A user on reddit has purchased a ‘Moonbox’ from NASA contractor Astrobotic last October.

“In it I’m planning to put two 1TB microSD cards for a project of mine. This ended up being way more space than the project required. One of the cards is completely empty!

Therefore I’m giving out 10MB of storage space for free on a first come, first serve, limited supply basis. Again, I’m doing this completely for free and asking for nothing in return.”


  1. Your Reddit account must have been created prior to January 25th, 2021.
  2. You can send 10MB in images, video, audio, and/or text. It’s up to you how you want to divide this up, but please keep submissions within 10MB. I’m happy to compress your files if you know a compressed version is <10mb
  3. Submissions that are..
    3a. Images/Video/Audio must be loaded to an image host such as or a video host such as You would send me the link to the Image/Video/Audio file when you’re ready to make your submission.
    3b. Text can be commented below or sent in a PM to me. Just make it clear by saying you want your message sent to the Moon.
  4. All submissions must be SFW & legal. Be mindful of copyright & distribution laws.
  5. All submissions must be sent by February 8th, 2021.

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