6 Free Meals Delivered ($79.99 off) via Referral @ HelloFresh

6 Free Meals Delivered ($79.99 off) via Referral @ HelloFresh

I found they changed the promo from $59.99 OFF to $79.99 OFF, so that new customers can get 6 serves free with free shipping (First box total $0).

Please use the referral randomiser below to participate.

Personally, I enjoy their recipes, and it’s pretty convenient during the hard time of COVID.

Option 1 FREE ($75.93 OFF) – Choose 2 people and 3 recipes per week (6 serves in total). The total cost will be $0.

Option 2 Get the full $79.99 OFF – More serves than option 1, but you’ll need to pay extra above $79.99.

NOTE: if you just want a trial or not satisfied with the food, please don’t forget to modify or cancel your plan later.

Offer expires 8 Feb @ 9:59 am

According to comments, different referral code will have different value. Looks like only selected accounts’ referral code has increased to $79.99 OFF, I’m wandering if mod can create another referral pool for these referral codes?

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