[eCourse] Free YouTuber Crash Course by Ali Abdaal

[eCourse] Free YouTuber Crash Course by Ali Abdaal

He’s a very successful YouTuber unlike a lot of the people who do these courses – https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCoOae5nYA7VqaXzerajD0lg

Ali’s Part-Time YouTuber Crash-Course
By Ali Abdaal
You’re signing up for 7 days of emails that will teach you why and how to set up a successful (Part-Time) YouTube channel.

I’m having trouble accessing the archive; http://youtube.aliabdaal.com/#archive
Can anyone else?

I missed #1. Here is #2 http://youtube.aliabdaal.com/issues/day-2-the-5-biggest-myth…

It is probably to try to sell you his big YouTube course which is several thousand dollars, but I think there is some good stuff in here for free anyway.

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