Free – Full Computer Science Curriculum (4 Years) in 1,079 YouTube Videos @ Laconic Machine Learning

Full credit to HUKD.

According to this article, it costs US$64,612 to study one year of this course at MIT.

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  • 40 courses
  • 4 academic years of Computer Science curriculum
  • Total of 1079 YouTube videos.

Year 1: / Semester 1
Structured Programming (Programming in C)
Discrete Mathematics Part 1
Calculus Part 1
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
Intro to Python Programming

Year 1: / Semester 2
Calculus Part 2
Discrete Mathematics Part 2
Introduction to C++ and Object-Oriented Programming
Computer System Architecture
Introduction to Web Design (HTML + CSS)

Year 2: / Semester 3
Algorithms and Data Structures
Intro to Client-Side Development
Linear Algebra

Year 2: / Semester 4
Operating Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Software Engineering
Advanced Algorithms
Dynamic Programming

Year 3: / Semester 5
Databases (SQL)
Web Application Development
Machine Learning
Client-Side Development with React
Distributed Computing & Systems

Year 3: / Semester 6
Non-Relational Databases
Introduction to Deep Learning
Practical Implementation of Neural Networks
Mobile Applications – iOS Development
Mobile Applications – Android Development

Year 4: / Semester 7
Signals and Systems (Digital Signal Processing)
Natural Language Understanding
Intelligent Mobile Applications
Computer Vision

Year 4: / Semester 8
Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Self-Driving Cars
Machine Learning for Healthcare

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