Free Month of Boxcryptor Unlimited via Referral

Free Month of Boxcryptor Unlimited via Referral

I’ve been using Boxcryptor for years and find it not only provides free encryption of my one drive, Google drive and drop box files but I can access all my files (one drive, Google drive, drop box, box, icloud drive, Amazon and more) from the one app.

With data breaches on the increase Boxcryptor also provides peace of mind for my documents by providing an added layer of encryption to protect your files.

You can encrypt one cloud service for free or upgrade to a paid service that grants you the ability to access/encrypt multiple accounts (providers). It’s perfect to bypass restrictions such as accessing more the one drop box or one drive on a single device.

You can get a month free unlimited use of Boxcryptor Unlimited using the referral link. Free accounts will still allow you to encrypt your files but only with one provider.

Unlimited features include:

  • Unlimited number of cloud providers
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Filename encryption
  • Whisply integration with extended features

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