Energizer CR2016 4 Pack $1.45, 2 Pack $0.88 @ Coles

This retails for $6 on Amazon and $14.99 @officeworks.

It looks like they’re clearing out the Energizer range.
There was no pricetag so I had to go to the counter.
I have looked at a few other Coles today.
It might be in the battery section or located in the clearance section at the end of the laundry/pest control gondola near the freezer (i.e. the furthest corner of the store)
I have also seen 2pack cr2016 for 88 cents and cr2032 (not sure because the checkout line was too long), so please report back what you find.

I only needed 1 battery so what do with the other 3 🙂

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