Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless (V1) $99.95 (Free Shipping) @ Sennheiser Outlet via eBay AU

Was tempted at $150, but nah. But for $100, ok I’ll bite! (Main reason for me is because it’s one of / the only true wireless earphones that supports AptX-LL – the Momentum True Wireless V2 does not!)

This is the version 1 of the Momentum True Wireless. Supposedly has great sound (see here), but has a battery drain issue (which can be mitigated with this fix by inserting a magnetic USB-C plug – meaning the case will stay charged for about 4 days (so will still need frequent recharging, but not as bad). Edit: See comments below here and here about the battery issues being exaggerated. I will leave all this here, just so people are aware there is a battery drain issue, but the extent of it, I can’t say.

Supports: SBC, AAC, AptX & AptX-LL (one of the few/only true wireless earphones to support AptX Low Latency!)

A joke at the original RRP of $499, but for $100, it’s not a bad option to consider (particularly if you have an AptX Low Latency Transmitter, like the Genki for Nintendo Switch).

Credit to benbeny3k

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