Vodafone $36 Per Month 50GB, Unlimited Calls/SMS + Motorola Moto G8 4GB/64GB on 12 Month Plan

  • Select the $40 lite plan which is currently $35 and comes with 40GB bonus data per month (normally it’s only 10GB).
  • Select Motorola Moto G8 (blue or white) which is $1 extra per month.
  • Select the 12 month plan (minimum cost is $432)
  • Get 3 months of Amazon Prime when you sign up to this plan.

Once your 50GB is used up every month it throttles down to 2Mbps so it’s basically unlimited internet.

Cashrewards have $35 cashback on Vodafone 12 month plans with a handset.
Which brings the plan down to $397 after cashback.

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