[eBook] Free: “Japanese Food: Authentic Asian Cooking Japanese Style” $0 @ Amazon AU, US

[eBook] Free: "Japanese Food: Authentic Asian Cooking Japanese Style" $0 @ Amazon AU, US

In this book we focus on Japanese. Japanese Food is a complete set of simple but very unique Japanese recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

Here is a Preview of the Japanese Recipes You Will Learn:

  • Salmon Stew Japanese
  • Peanut Cucumber Ramen
  • Picadillo Japanese
  • Takeshita Ramen
  • Oriental Tamarind Tilapia
  • Breakfast in Japan
  • Beef Based Veggie Soup
  • Southeast Asian Coconut Ramen
  • Southeast Asian Chicken Stew
  • Easy Egg Drop Soup
  • Tofu Soup
  • Japan x Halifax Ramen Soup
  • Shanghai x Shibuya Soup
  • Japanese Eggs for Ramen
  • Taiwanese Corn Soup
  • Japan x Texas Ramen
  • Easy Egg and Pea Soup
  • Red Chile Ramen and Duck
  • Asian Corn Soup Cream Style
  • Ramen Noodle Beef Remix
  • Bamboo Rice Soup
  • Potato Soup
  • Suan La Dofu Tang (Tofu Soup)
  • Hot and Spicy Soup
  • Much, much more

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