YouTube Premium Argentine Peso $119 (~A$2.40) Per Month (VPN Required)

It’s really simple:

  1. Change your VPN to Argentina
  2. Go to YouTube Premium and sign up.
  3. Takes two seconds to get a local address.…

The amount will be shown in 119 Argentine Peso
— Equal in July 2020 to $2.42 Australian Dollars

It used to be India we would rely on for this hack, but as Argentina’s money printer goes brrr… They’re the current new leader.

  • Best if you use a credit card that doesn’t have foreign exchange fees.
    — it’ll only set you back a few cents if your does.
  • Please post your fave VPNs in the comments
    — Many here use Nord as it was 97% discounted here sometime ago
  • Please let us know if you find a more affordable country.

Worth noting this will fluctuate with the currency conversion.. That’ll probably be a good thing as the pLandemic continues to spiral currencies 😉


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